Open Source (API)

Developers, he added, can access sample code, software development kits, and API descriptions. "Also, API management enables you to offer a managed API that will exhibit a high quality of service so these APIs are monitored and you can understand the usage of the APIs."

Open APIs are published on the Internet and shared freely. A startup software company, for example might publish a series of APIs to encourage third-party developers in vertical industries to be innovative and figure out new ways to use the startup's software product. In theory, it's a win-win business arrangement.

Features of Open Source API

  1. Publish & find datasets
  2. Store & manage data
  3. Engage with users & others
  4. Customise & extend

API  Implementation

  1. Amazon Marketplace Web Service API
  2. Facebook API
  3. eBay API
  4. Google Maps API
  5. Postmark API
  6. Bonanza API
  7. Google Analytic API
  8. Twitter
  9. Advisor Exchange
  10. Black Diamond