Kido App

This project designed for those who are interested in learning vocab like Chinese, Korean, and English. This app gives user great graphical interface to understand words from Chinese Korean, with audio & video to understand and learn pronunciation of words. This app gives you dictionary for searching words. Words are also categorized so you can learn it category wise. Quizzes are there to plot your graph of learning in terms of listening audio & choosing correct words from given options, same from videos and from text as well.

  • This is a attractive elearning app.
  • It's multiple features for learning vocabulary.
  • It is famous in Asian countries.
  • It is sold on cj shopping TV channel in Korea and In only 1 broadcast more than 1000 application are sold with in 1hrs.
  • It is a complete dynamic application user can play it using 9 different scenario. Right now it has 3 languages to learn Korean, Chinese and English. Mongolian and Vietnam languages are in the queue it will execute in very soon.
  • It's compatible for all android smart phone and tablelet.